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Team and Info:

‘ASTRON’ works primarily for the spread of knowledge of Astronomy among the public to make their own contribution as far as possible. It has been actively working on the propagation of Astronomy in purely scientific temperament. Astronomy is the study of the physical universe, the entire cosmos around us, and as such is a fabulous and fascinating challenge. Unlike other physical sciences where the investigator can design an experiment to measure a particular quantity, Astronomy is largely an observational science.
Astron is an activity of “ Swargiya Haribhau Kulkarni Vishwast Manch (SHK Trust) ” bearing registration number E/35001201/2001 working since 1997. Smt. Jayashri Madhukar Mahashabde presides over the trust and Mrs. Rajashri Kulkarni is the Vice President. Mr. Subhash Kulkarni is Hon. Secretory of the Trust. Astron is headed by Miss. Shweta Kulkarni in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer.

Shweta Kulkarni:

She is passionate about astronomy and is the source of knowledge and inspiration for Astron. She is pursuing her education in astronomy through the University of Central Lancashire, UK apart from this, she has completed astronomy courses from various international institutions online. She has dedicated her life to astronomy and aspires to take knowledge of astronomy to the maximum number of people at international level. She believes that Astron has potential and capability to achieve the objectives which are the same as her own life objectives. She is also inclined towards creative art forms, literature, music and photography.


Nimish Aage:

He is an astronomer and is highly fascinated by astronomy. He has completed his graduation in physics and photography at Fergusson College, Pune and is currently doing his MBA from Symbiosis School of Media & Communication, Bengaluru. He has completed astronomy courses from various renowned international institutions online. He is instrumental in satisfying the knowledge quest of Astron participants. Thinking extensively, the logical and analytical approach is his way of doing things. Apart from the overall support, he takes care of the media department and looks after the management of Astron. He is an astrophotographer and also has interest in music and literature.



Aniruddh Deshpande

Kaustubh Limaye

Rohan Bhagat

Sahil Kandhari

Siddharth Mehendale

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