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Astrotainment'18 is not just an event but actually, an unforgettable experience! In Astrotainment, you will gain unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. Enthusiastic people despite their age, come together and enjoy exploring the beauty of the universe. This is the right place for everyone who loves astronomy! For someone who is simply keen to discover the field or for someone having some background, our young and passionate volunteers will make sure that you love the camp and feel pleasant. The camp hosts around 50 participants for three days in a remote location, with access to some of the most dramatic skies you may have ever seen. Join us this year at Astrotainment, because, "something incredible is waiting to be known!"
Astrotainment means approaching Astronomy through entertainment. It is our flagship program in accordance with our motto- Science and creativity hand in hand. Astrotainment is a regularly organised, yearly camp of Astron. The two days camp is open for all. It includes wonderful programs such as, visit to astronomy oriented places like GMRT. Interaction with experts coupled with activities such as film screenings, games, debates and discussions formulate the program. Overnight stargazing and telescopic observations of planets, nebulas, star clusters, galaxies and supernovas uplifts the enthusiasm of the participants. This annual event has provided an amazing experience to the participants from almost all age groups. Dedicated two days and one night for Astronomy takes the participants to the unfolding of space-marvels leading to leading to wonderful realisations of not only about space but also about themselves.

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